Why High Authority Backlinks Are Good For SEO?

Why High Authority Backlinks Are Good For SEO?

Many Internet marketers have their own theories about why high authority backlinks are so important for SEO. Some of these theories hold water and some fall apart. No matter what theory you choose to believe, the bottom line is that backlinks matter. They are important for improving search engine rankings and they are important for directing traffic to your website. The two go hand in hand when it comes to the importance of getting as many quality one way backlinks pointing to your site as possible.

Google’s SERPs

One of the first reasons why back links are so important to your SEO efforts is because of the SERPs. The higher up a page is on Google’s SERPs, the more likely people are to find you. The first place people look is on the first page of Google results. That means backlinks to your site will directly increase your chances of getting that first page rank you want. If you can manage to get backlinks from quality and authoritative sites, then you can be sure that your site will get indexed faster and your chances of being found on the first page of Google’s SERPs will go up.

Targeted Traffic

Another reason why back links are so important to SEO efforts is because of their quality. When you connect a link to your site from a credible source, it gives the Google spiders and humans a high quality indication that your site is worth bookmarking and being promoted to. In other words, quality backlinks are important for the longevity of your site and the promotion of its contents and the site as a whole. In the long run, this can be a very effective method of driving targeted traffic to your site because those who read your link are more likely to be interested in your content and to have higher conversions.

Link Your Sites In Google’s Rankings

It’s also true that high quality links from authoritative sites carry with them a large amount of weight. The larger number of links from these sources, the more weight each one carries, and the more clout it has in determining where your link sits in Google’s rankings. As mentioned before, authoritative sites are usually preferred over spam links. However, spamming the system isn’t the best way to get high quality backlinks, which is why a lot of link builders are focusing more on link building through authoritative sites.

Market The Link-Building Service

Another reason why high authority backlinks are good for SEO is that these links don’t cost anything. You don’t need to spend a penny getting the links, you don’t need to pay for the submission fee, and you don’t have to spend a single penny to promote the link on your own website. You’re not even required to actively market the link-building service itself. You just need to make sure that the link building service has high quality backlinks pointing back at the partner site.

Marketing Campaign

Finally, high quality links are usually natural. If you’re doing a search, you shouldn’t have to look too hard to see high quality backlinks. A simple Google search will show you any site with high quality backlinks. And of course, if you happen to notice that there are a lot of sites linking back to a certain authority site, then this is also a pretty good indication that the site is high quality. It’s a sign that the people behind the site are serious about their marketing campaign and know what they’re looking for.

High Quality SEO

Of course, high quality SEO isn’t the only reason why high authority backlinks are good for SEO. The number of them can tell you a lot about the site itself. A site that receives a large number of back links from authoritative sites is most probably a credible site that can help your website. A credible site will generally have higher page rankings than other less authoritative sites.

Maintain High Ranking In Your Website

Why high authority backlinks are so good for SEO isn’t just a onetime thing. Your site needs to maintain its high ranking in order to receive even more traffic. It takes time, effort, and money in order to maintain a high rank in major search engines. But if you stick with it and don’t lose interest in your business, then you’re more likely to succeed long term than someone who starts off with a low profile niche that doesn’t attract many visitors.