Movies Play Major Role In Indian Entertainment

Movies Play Major Role In Indian Entertainment

In India, the most popular entertainment is of course the movie industry. This industry has been around in almost all the countries across Asia and Africa and has always fascinated the Indian people. The charm of the Indian film industry cannot be denied and people from any age group including the kids are mesmerized by it. The magic of cinema is not only visible in India but has penetrated deep into the hearts of the Chinese people as well.

For the last few decades, the Indian cinema has been receiving great international recognition with the award winning movies of an exceptional quality. A number of Indian films have won several international awards in the best possible manner and till today it is continuing to dazzle the viewers with its amazing story lines and performances. A majority of the western movies in recent years have also started to get released in the major movie halls of India due to the tremendous popularity of the movies.

Some of the best known Indian films of the current era that have been immensely successful include Baahubali, Apne for which Ajit Bhimsen’s Apne was nominated for an Oscar and Man On The Moon was also a great hit. All these great movies have made the Indian cinema and given it a new dimension and presence in the global market.

Another most popular entertainment option in India is the action-packed, thriller genre of films. These are some of the most thrilling genres in the world where the director goes through full trills and Adrenalin rushes. Some of the most popular thrillers of the last two decades that were immensely successful include Kill Bill, Crazy Heart, No Ordinary Family and the Spiderman movies.

Action-packed and thriller thrillers are some of the best ways to entertain yourself when you come on a visit to India. There are a number of avenues available on the internet which give information about the popular Indian movie theatres and show timings of various films being shown at that particular theatre. Most of these online resources also show the list of film stars, their upcoming roles and much more.

Another top-rating type of movie that can be seen on the screens of Indian cinemas are the romantic comedies and family films. The Indian film industry has produced some of the best films of the decade and the leading characters in these films are Aishwarya Rai & Ranbir Kapoor in Baahubali, Hrithik Roshan in Apne and Dhiren Esta in Baahubali. These films have been hugely successful and have won several Film Fare and Foreign Film Academy Awards. Another animated family film, Kapoor’s Kardule Mha (also known as Karanja) has been receiving good notices. The story of this film revolves around a young girl who falls in love with an aging taxi driver and ends up getting killed accidentally.

The Indian film industry is also in the process of producing some very unique and funny movies and this includes movies targeted at a niche audience. One such movie, titled As You Like It is directed by S.S. Rajamouli and is scheduled to be released in the next few months. This film is a remake of a Hindi movie called Nemade and the main character is none other than the legendary Apu, the cute elephant who was used in a number of Apu movies from the 1980s.

Apu has appeared in a number of films since his first role in a Hindi film called Bang! That Time, a remake of the hit comedy classic, A Few Good Men, and the second of the Apu film franchise, Kicking, where he played the nerdy sidekick, Sunil Kumar. The new millennium has also seen an array of career bestsellers in the form of Apu’s two greatest films: The Million dollar Baby and the romantic Kismet Kaleidoscope.

Apu’s latest movie, called Baahubali, is going to be released in the coming months and is already gaining immense popularity in the country. It is the tale of a king who gets angry when his subjects turn against him for some perceived wrong during his reign. Apu was featured in the first Baahubali movie, which was released in 2021 and now Apu will have his own series in the near future.

One thing is for sure, the rage among Indian Cinema lovers for Apu has been strong since his debut. Though, Apu has yet to be given a Leading Player award at the Venice Film Festival, but according to the reviews and the audience’s opinion, the actor has received an Outed Person Award for his role in Baahubali.

The Chopra Brothers – Anushka Shetty and Sharad Bangalore have created quite a buzz in the Bollywood since their collaboration. Sharad is the face of Karan Johar and Anushka is that of Aishwarya Rai who is both synonymous with the classy female anti-heroines in Indian Cinema.

Their latest film, titled as Fork & Ball is expected to be released on the month of April/May. Recent accolade for Sharad and Anushka includes the Best Director Award at the Venice Film Festival where Sharad received the Best Director trophy along with Anushka. Sharad’s first film, Namastey London was also awarded the Best Screenplay Award at the same festival.