Kitchen Equipment – Types and Uses

Kitchen Equipment – Types and Uses

Commercial kitchen equipment has to make food for a multitude of consumers at the same time. It has to be durable, robust, and easy to work with. The equipment has to improve the efficiency of food preparation operations, use less energy, and should be ecologically friendly. All of these factors have to work together for the restaurant to meet their goals of providing top-quality food. In some ways, all commercial kitchen equipment operates in much the same way as specialized equipment for home kitchens.

Kitchen Blender

One of the most important pieces of equipment is the kitchen blender. It is necessary for many types of mixing and blending needs in the kitchen. Blenders come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some have heavy duty motors, which can be used to grind meat; some mix sauces and soups, making them easier to make; some are simply used for mixing foods.


The cookware used by professional chefs around the world are made of the highest quality materials. When you buy commercial grade cookware, you can be sure that it will last for many years and that your food will be prepared properly, every time. The cookware sets that the professionals prefer are made of stainless steel, ceramic, enamel, or copper.

Electric Kettles

Other essential kitchen items include electric kettles, cooking pans (non-stick), heavy duty frying pans, deep fat fryers and woks. As you can see, there are many different kinds of pans and utensils which are necessary to provide great tasting food preparation equipment. A good set of cookware includes non-stick frying pans, woks, skillets, rotisserie tongs and cutlery sets.

Peelers And Chopper

Vegetable peelers and a vegetable chopper can also make the difference when it comes to preparing delicious meals. Vegetable peelers allow you to grate vegetables without the need of a vegetable peeler. Using a vegetable chopper helps you save time as well as makes preparing the food a breeze. The cutlery sets available in the kitchen should also be of good quality and made from durable materials.

When searching for the essential kitchen utensils list, it is important to look at the reviews posted by other customers online. These reviews are usually very clear and provide honest feedback about the product, its performance and ease of use. If you are buying online, look for customer reviews before placing your order. When comparing prices, always compare whole foods as some stores offer voucher codes to buy certain items cheaper.

Pasta Makers

Other kitchen tools that are essential to prepare the different types of dishes, are pasta makers and pasta bowl makers. Pasta makers allow you to knead and shape dough by hand and pump the mixture through a pasta bowl to form perfectly shaped pasta pieces. There are a number of brands available such as Folgers and Sunbeam and these products usually come with a 5 year guarantee.

Cleaning Plastic Containers

It is important to remember that when using plastic containers, you must keep them clean and unopened. Cleaning plastic containers is easy and there are a variety of tools available. Rinsing can sometimes take more time than using the washing machine but it is essential. Once your plastic containers are clean and unused, store them in a cool dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Most of our baked goods are stored in a separate space in the fridge and this will also need to keep clean and unopened. Baking supplies and kitchen utensils are an integral part of creating great tasting recipes and providing families with delicious home cooked food.

A useful kitchen tool that is often overlooked, is the bread knife. These versatile utensils can be used for making toast, sandwiches, bagels, pasta, soups and more. A bread knife can also be used for slicing raw vegetables and for removing the skin from chicken. A vegetable peeler is another useful and simple tool that is a must have, once you have experienced it, you will never use anything else.


The range of modern kitchen tools is incredible and ranges from cutting boards, saucers, fruit and vegetable peelers to electric egg slicers, cake trays and more. A rotisserie grill is a simple and inexpensive way to cook meats and vegetables whilst outside, while a built in barbeque grill allows the user to cook without leaving the kitchen. For those users who are not particularly talented with cooking, there are a number of great quality electric units that are affordable and which feature variable temperature settings and burners. The user reviews kitchen utensils forum is full of recommendations and information relating to modern kitchen tools and gadgets and it is worth browsing the forum until you find what you are looking for. If you want to create mouth watering and perfectly cooked dishes, you need the right kitchen appliance. Stainless steel or cast iron masher is the ideal appliance for creating sauces and soups, as it can create a perfect sauce within the fraction of a second. If you need to prepare and bake certain foods whilst out of the oven, a microwave or an oven does the job perfectly.