Key Ingredients of Indian Dishes

Key Ingredients of Indian Dishes

Continental Food literally means good food throughout India because it tastes best during the winter time. But the Top 100 Foods in India also taste the absolute best in almost every season, even in the worst of the weather. And speaking on this good old food in this cold weather is absolutely the greatest time to cook any dish. No matter how long you have been cooking Indian dishes, you will never go wrong with Indian winter food. Let’s take a look at some of the most mouthwatering Indian dishes right when the snow starts to pour –

The very first dish we shall look into is the famous South Indian chicken curry. It is one of the most popular and easily prepared Indian dishes across the globe. The spices that are used are relatively mild and the acidity level in this South Indian chicken curry is very low giving it a very light flavor. This is exactly what makes it a very popular Indian dish and is loved by people from all age groups.

Another famous Indian food is the chicken kebabs. It is basically a spiced dish made of plain yogurt along with pieces of chicken. In the south, this is known as “Achaarti”. But you can make it in any country of your choice. But this must be prepared using the authentic Indian spices and it is best if you use cashew nuts.

If you want to go with the traditional South Indian chicken curry, then you can do it with the use of “Achaarti” too. This is made by blending a mix of sauces made of ginger and spices. Ginger and green chilies are the key ingredients while green sesame seeds give it that sweet aroma. You can add cream and/or red wine sauce to enhance its taste.

This is a very famous dish of Northern India. You can get this frozen or fresh. In fact, the freshness is lost in preparing this during the cold winter season. You can prepare this by using spinach and cauliflower. Cauliflower is considered as the most nutritious vegetable in northern part of India while spinach has good nutrition as well.

There are many good food stores in every city of India, where you can buy various Indian curries at affordable prices. The quality of Indian continental dishes is far better than those of subcontinent countries. It’s because of the healthy variety of spices used here that makes it a world-class cuisine. In addition, use of spices such as turmeric, red chili powder, cumin, coriander, black cardamom, fenugreek and cinnamon makes it really different from the subcontinent foods.

When it comes to European cuisines, Indian food uses wide range of spices and herbs. For instance, you can get some delicious dishes of North Indian cuisine such as Samosas, Vindaloo and Chapatis that are really popular in Europe and other parts of the world. You will find some other Indian dishes in which you can use a large amount of vegetables such as stir-fry and other curries. The European cooks prefer more usage of vegetables in their preparation. But, in case if you are cooking for your family, use of vegetables is not essential. The use of spices and herbs is essential.

Some of the key ingredients that are used in Indian food include coriander, cumin, asafetida, fennel seeds, bay leaves, mint, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rock salt. Some famous sauces are ketchup, biryanis, tandoori, jambalaya, and achut kambala. Many restaurants in India serve yummy food such as paratha and samosas. Try now and enjoy delicious food from India.