Health Benefits Of Cardamon

Health Benefits Of Cardamon

It’s a fact that most of us already know about Cardamon, the famous brand of seeds and nuts. If you are not aware of it, this little company is actually a family of companies which were established more than a century ago. They started with only one product but grew to become world-class. The company is constantly innovating and improving their products, services and even the marketing techniques. And all of this is because they know what the market needs and wants.

But, did you know that there are also health benefits of cardamon? There are lots of little things which are great for the body and have no side effects. One of these is its use in weight loss. In fact, it is so effective that many people consider it a super food.

Cardamon seeds are rich in magnesium, folic acid, calcium, fiber, iron, potassium, chromium, and phosphorus. What makes them special is that each of these has its own specific health benefit. For example, magnesium is good for increasing the sensitivity of your nerves. Calcium increases the levels of our blood pressure. Folic acid decreases blood pressure and potassium increases our potassium level.

Cardamon is so versatile. It can be added to just about anything to make it more delicious and appetizing. You can add it to soup or salad, make it a part of scrambled eggs, spread it on toast, or make it a part of a delicious mix of cheese and berries. What’s more is that there are already a lot of cardamon recipes being served in restaurants. If you look into it, you will find that you can get cardamon seeds from a supermarket or order them online.

What are the health benefits of cardamon seeds? Let’s find out. Cardamon has been proven to have some very strong antioxidant properties that help rid the body of harmful free radicals. Because of this, cardamon seeds are known to improve the cardiovascular health of people, reduce the risk of cancer and even to help lower LDL cholesterol or “bad” cholesterol.

The seeds of the cardamom plant also contain an abundance of phenols. Phenol-containing compounds fight bacteria and viruses as well as facilitating the process of metabolism. These phenol antioxidants are great for our bodies because they help protect us from diseases. For example, cardamon oil fights viruses such as HIV, hepatitis, and genital warts.

In addition to all these amazing health benefits of cardamon, the seeds of the plant have another great advantage. Their essential oils have been shown to improve the mental alertness of the user. In other words, cardamon has been proven as a mild sedative. The cardamom seeds can also provide some mild but positive health benefits when added with certain herbs. For example, they can provide mild sedation when used in conjunction with ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and garlic.

When it comes to the health benefits of cardamon, the seeds are the best option. However, cardamon nuts can be ground and mixed with almond or sesame seeds to make a flavored spread. This delicious spread can be enjoyed anytime during the week. Cardamon is a healthy seed that has many amazing health benefits. So what are you waiting for?

Buy organic cardamon seeds and try making your own spread. There are several recipes on the internet. All you need is a handful of them and some almond or sesame seeds. Grind them up to make a fine paste and spread them on crackers or other snacks. Sprinkle some fresh cardamon leaves on your cookies and cakes. It will be a welcome surprise.

Another of the many amazing health benefits of cardamon is its anti-inflammatory properties. It can relieve the symptoms of arthritis by relieving the swelling. By reducing inflammation, it may also help to prevent a number of diseases. For instance, it has been found out that cardamon increases the action of interferon in a person’s body. With this amazing herb, you will be able to prevent serious diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and stroke.

To sum it up, cardamon is not only delicious but also has a lot of health benefits. Buy organic cardamon seeds and make your own spread. You can use the paste to apply on your salad or on your baked potatoes. Spread it on bread or quiche, and you will surely notice the difference. Who would have known that cardamon can be so healthy? Investing in this herb is a very wise decision.