Adding Value to Readers With Guest Blogging

Adding Value to Readers With Guest Blogging

Guest posting is when you write and post an article on somebody else to blog or website. This can be done a lot on other blogs and generally offer this to readers on your own blog (sometimes). It is a very effective way to add your name to the internet radar and connect with fresh readers. Here are some ways in which you can guest post for the search engine friendly blogs:

SEO Friendly Blog:

Search engine friendly blog commenting. Most bloggers will welcome guest blogging by all means, but there are some that are less open to it. In particular, bloggers who are commenting on a large number of high page rank blogs tend not to like the idea of their comment being plastered all over the internet. For these bloggers a guest post is a useful tool to post information only once and then leave the page. It also helps keep a blogger’s blog alive and interesting, while offering another blogger the chance to showcase a personal side of their personality.

Posting on forums:

You can also use guest posts on forums. Search engines love forums, and visitors often linger on them. When you send traffic to a guest post on a high traffic blog, you are providing a source of free traffic as well, even if the comment doesn’t rise to the top of the visitor stats. You can still deliver traffic to the comment’s link via the pinging system you have on your blog, which ping Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines when they list your link.

Include a quality content:

Include a quality content in a guest post. Your content must be original and rich in relevant keywords. If you don’t have any content to send readers to, don’t bother posting one. It is important that you include at least one quality content with your link for the writer to want to publish it on their blog and also for the search engines to rank your link in their results pages as well as on their social bookmarking sites.

Put Valid Backlinks:

Put links to your social profiles in both guest posts and comments. Social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter have become a great source of traffic for both writers and websites. However, they also give the owners of these sites power over who can or cannot post links to their blogs. In either way, you need to comply with their terms of service.

The goal of both guest posting and backlinks is to boost your search engine rankings so that you get the most organic traffic possible. However, search engine algorithms change all the time. They are also constantly updating to try to make the system more accurate. This means that while adding value to the reader, it is important to vary your approach from what has worked in the past to what will work in the future.

Get Wider Audience:

Guest blogging is beneficial to both the blogger and the blogging site. The guest post is a chance for the blogger to show off their expertise on a particular topic, providing valuable information to the other bloggers. The other bloggers get an opportunity to showcase their own blogs, and the business that is being promoted. It is also a chance for the guest blogger to gain new exposure by interacting with an authority figure within their niche.


In either way, both parties gain in a sense. The guest post helps to increase the readership of the blogging site and the blogger gets a chance to showcase their expertise, either through personal experiences or reviews. The business is also promoted in the sense that they are exposed to a wider audience and the blogger can gain credibility with their fellow bloggers. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.